Goran Trbuljak u Rijeci: Veliki umjetnik je "Ovojeizme" po prvi put u cjelini izložio u MMSU
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23. February 2019


EXHIBITION OPENING | Goran Trbuljak: a never before seen work by an unseen artist
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia
22. February 2019

Loan of works from the Marinko Sudac Collection

Opening: February 22, 2019

As part of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project, on 22 February 2019 the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka is opening a large exhibition of the renowned conceptual artist, photographer, filmmaker and designer Goran Trbuljak...

'nikada do sada viđen rad neviđenog umjetnika'
HRT magazin
21. February 2019 - 22. February 2019


Otvaranje izložbe Gorana Trbuljaka u riječkom MMSU 22. veljače
Rijeka online
20. February 2019


Ješa Denegri, Art Around 1968: The Other Line [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018


A number of events that took place between 1966 and 1969 marked crucial stages along the path towards the  dematerialisation of the art object - i.e. a the process which implied a transferral of working methods from the formal onto the cerebral plane...

Ješa Denegri, The Properties of the New Art Practice of the Seventies in the Yugoslav Art Space [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018

The farther we progress into the 1980’s and the artistic period that has been characterised by the processes termed ‘Postmodernism’, ‘trans avant-garde’, ‘Hyper Mannerism’ and so on, the more difficult It has become to decide from which   standpoint we should view the art of the previous decade - the tumultuous 1970's - which represented a period of great change and even greater (though probably only  partially realised) efforts at change, as well as a period of  great aspirations, only some of them fulfilled. 

Ješa Denegri, Azimuth&Azimut;, The First New Tendencies Exhibition, Gorgona [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018

Two issues of the magazine, Azimuth and twelve exhibitions at the Azimut Gallery sum up the activities of Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani in Milan, at the end of 1959 and in the first half of 1960. 

Ješa Denegri, The Reason for ‘The Other Line’ [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018

The concept of ‘The Other Line’, which is conditional and ungrounded in art theory, anti­cipated and suggested the grasping of one particular set of events in contemporary Yugoslav art. These events were in  contrast to, or consciously distinct from, certain dominant streams in art; they formed a specific area, which basically aspired towards radicalisation of the notion of ‘art’ and, there­fore, towards the radicalisation of artistic be­haviour.

Youth Forum, Subotica
1969 - 1976
Matko Meštrović - Piero Dorazio
"Studio G" - exhibitions organized by the Gorgona group
1961 - 1963