Ješa Denegri, Inside Or Outside ‘Socialist Modernism’? Radical Attitudes On the Yugoslav Art Scene, 1950-1970 [ENGLISH]

The Concept of a ‘Yugoslav Art Space’

The concept of a ‘Yugoslav art space’ denotes the geographic area and political environment in which the polycentric and decentralised, yet at the same time unified, and shared, art life of the ‘Second Yugoslavia’ (1945-1991) was maintained. It was polycentric and decentralised, because it consisted of several cultural milieux and their capitals, i.e. the republics of the former country which have meanwhile become independent states; unified and shared in common, for it was interlinked by numerous personal and institutional ties between the many active participants in Yugoslavia’s art scene of the time. 

04. July 2018
Radical Practices
"Radical Practices from Marinko Sudac Collection" exhibition
05. October 2015
Virtual Museum of the Avant-garde Art and the Networking Museology
09. December 2010
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Vlado Martek... The Artist as a Mobile Map
"Marginal Specificities" exhibition (Novi Sad)
08. April 2006
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