Ješa Denegri, The 1970’s: Radical Artistic Views, Reduction Of the Material Object, New Media, Mental And Analytic Procedures, the Artist’s Personality And Behaviour [ENGLISH]

Anyone fortunate enough, closely to have monitored the birth and development of Arte Povera, to have witnessed Kounellis’ live horses and Merz’s igloos displayed at the Galleria L’Attico in Rome, in early 1969, to have listened to Beuys retelling the legend of his life, to have read and leafed through Celant’s book, with its illustrations of Land Art, Anti-Form, ‘Poor’ and Conceptual Art, and to have heard about Szeemann's exhibition in Berne, When Attitudes Become Form, could not fail to be tempted to go along with Renato  Barilli’s prediction that future art historians, discussing the  history of  20th-century art, would divide the entire period into two halves - the  age preceding, and the age following the critical year, 1968.

04. July 2018
Radical Practices
"Radical Practices from Marinko Sudac Collection" exhibition
05. October 2015
Virtual Museum of the Avant-garde Art and the Networking Museology
09. December 2010
Ješa Denegri, Spone i svojstva povijesnih, neo– i postavangardi u hrvatskoj umjetnosti XX. stoljeća [CROATIAN]
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Ješa Denegri, Zagrebačka serigrafija [CROATIAN]
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Vlado Martek... The Artist as a Mobile Map
"Marginal Specificities" exhibition (Novi Sad)
08. April 2006
Ješa Denegri, Povijesne avangarde, neoavangarde i postavangarde u jugoslavenskom umjetničkom prostoru XX. stoljeća [CROATIAN]
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