Lucia di Luciano & Giovanni Pizzo "Programmed Art" Marinko Sudac Collection
13. January 2022

January 13 -  February 6, 2022

The National Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Marinko Sudac Collection, from 13 January to 6 February 2022, will present the exhibition Lucia di Luciano & Giovanni Pizzo "Programmed Art" at the Josip Račić Gallery. In the author's conception of art historian and critic Ješa Denegri, the exhibition will present nine paintings by Italian artists Lucia di Luciano and Giovanni Pizza from the Marinko Sudac Collection, performed in the period from 1964 to 1967. The artistic couple has been working together [...]

Marinko Sudac and Marko Pogačnik, founder of the OHO group and The Šempas Family
06. January 2022

It is a great joy and great delight that the complete archive of The Šempas Family today became part of the Marinko Sudac Collection.

Marinko Sudac visiting the artist Marina Apollonio in Padua
03. January 2022
Adela Jusić and Marinko Sudac in Sarajevo
02. January 2022
Marinko Sudac visiting the artist Jusuf Hadžifejzović in Sarajevo
01. January 2022
Unexplored facts on the artistic West in a new project - Ješa Denegri and Marinko Sudac, Belgrade
11. December 2021
Avant-garde and Nep-Avant-garde - lecture
29 November 2021 at 12 o'clock | Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Mostar
29. November 2021

Lecturer: Branko Franceschi

The lecture provides an insight into the regional contribution of global movements of avant-garde and neo-avant-garde art in Southeast Europe from the end of the First World War to the 1980s on examples from the Marinko Sudac Collection, with particular emphasis on strategies for their international and online representation.

Marinko Sudac in the studio of Turi Simeti (1929 - 2021) in Milan, with his daughter, Martina Simeti.
28. November 2021
Marinko Sudac and the artist Grazia Varisco in her studio in Milan
27. November 2021
Marinko Sudac visiting the artists Lucia di Luciano and Giovanni Pizzo in Rome
27. November 2021
Marinko Sudac with the artist Baldo Diodato in his studio in Rome
26. November 2021
SVIJET BORISA DEMURA Izložba o razvojnom putu umjetnika-buntovnika čija su djela bila i analiza nastanka tih djela
Jutarnji list
26. August 2021


POREČ: Otvorena izložba Borisa Demura “Analitički radovi” iz Kolekcije Marinko Sudac
09. July 2021


Exhibition Opening | Boris Demur. Analytical Works. Marinko Sudac Collection
09. July 2021
"Boris Demur. Analytical Works. Marinko Sudac Collection" Exhibition Opening
Thursday, 08/07/2021 at 21 o'clock, Zuccato Gallery, Poreč
08. July 2021

Selected works from the Marinko Sudac Collection are part of Boris Demur's analytical works, created mainly in the 1970s, in the period of "new art practice" and active years of the Group of Six Authors in Zagreb (1975-1981, with members: Mladen Stilinović, Sven Stilinović, Vlado Martek, Željko Jerman, Boris Demur, Fedor Vučemilović).  [...]

Book of Proceedings Launch of the ICDHS 12: Lesson to Learn? Past Design Experiences and Contemporary Design Practice conference
June 24, Zoom platform
24. June 2021

The book, edited by Fedja Vukić and Iva Kostešić, brings a collection of over 60 scientific papers on over 800 pages covering the wide field of design history and design studies from a variety of perspectives.

Slova v rozšířeném poli
15. March 2021


Learning from Ljubljana
04. March 2021


100 Years of Zenit
The launch of the magazine was in the spirit of the political changes before, and especially the end of the First World War
11. February 2021

Today's issue of the Jutarnji list daily newspapers features a double-spread on the Zenit magazine's centenary (February 1921 - December 1926).

Reproductions from the Marinko Sudac Collection, text by Ivana Janković.

Le groupe Bosch + Bosch
10. February 2021