"Artist on Vacation 2017" by Valamar
Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
26. May 2018 - 30. June 2018


curators: Dorotea Fotivec, Ivana Janković

The "Artist on Vacation 2017" by Valamar exhibition presents the artists which have been a part of the same-titled project in June and July of 2017, held in Poreč, Croatia. 
Participants of the the sixth consecutive year of the project were: Ken Friedman (USA/Sweeden), Miroslav Pavlović (Serbia), Nikola Džafo (Serbia), Adrien Sina (France), Zoran Todorović (Serbia), Koji Kamoji (Japan/Poland), Tanja Ostojić (Serbia/Germany), Jusuf Hadžifejzović (Bosna and Hercegovina), Józef Robakowski (Poland), Boris Buden (Croatia/Germany).
With the works of some of the participants of the last year's edition of the projects, there will be adapted version of the two exhibitions held in Poreč during the project. The first exhibition is of Radomir Damnjanović Damnjan, "Painting", a conceptual artis and performer, closely linked to the work of the Belgrade Student's Centre in the 1960s, and the second one is of Živko Grozdanić Gera, "Allegories", one of the most important representatives of radical art in Serbia today. 

Author of the "Artist on Vacation" project is Marinko Sudac, and the project is organized by the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde, Marinko Sudac Collection and Valamar Riviera d.d. 

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