Artist on Vacation 2019 / Valamar
Poreč, Croatia
04. July 2019 - 10. August 2019


Following the announcement of the new season of the project "Artist on Vacation 2019 by Valamar" by exhibiting last year's project at MSU in Zagreb, the new season began with the exhibition of the Slovenian neo-avant-garde group OHO at the Zuccato Gallery in Poreč. OHO is a Slovenian conceptual neo-avant-garde group that was active in various stages from 1962 to 1971. It began as the Kranj Group (1962-65), followed by the OHO movement (1965-68), and then the OHO group (1969-71). Members of the group include Marko Pogačnik and Iztok Geister Plamen, Naško Križnar, David Nez, Milenko Matanović, Marjan Ciglič, Matjaž Hanžek, Andraž Šalamun, Tomaž Šalamun, Franci Zagoričnik, Vojin Kovač Chubby, Aleš Kermauner, Drago Dellabernardina.

Each year, an exhibition is organised during the project, and this year there are works in diverse media in which members of this group/movement have been creating (objects, samizdats, video works, paper works, collages, etc.), as well as recent works by Marko Pogačnik which continue conceptually on the philosophy applied during the activity of the OHO group.

The project started with the participation of two OHO artists - Marjan Ciglič and Matjaž Hanžek. Along with them was Lipa Mill (Milica Kecman), a very active performer and visual artist. Then one of the local artists involved in engaged art, Marijan Crtalić, and a Hungarian artist from the significant Pécs Workshop group, Sándor Pinczehelyi, participated in the project. Also, the project involved artist from the group Opus 4, composer, performer, music educator, Misa Savić. Then, as a participant, was an artist Selma Selma, who lives in New York, and in her work explores topics of women's (Roma) experience, issues of culture and power within today's system of politics and society. The artist duo Rena & Vladan (Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremić) also participated who explore the relationship between art and politics and discover the contradictions of today's societies. Famous Austrian artist Josef Dabernig begins in his practice from early works in the medium of sculpture, conceptual lists and textual works, to photographic panoramas of football stadiums and films. The project also included two local representatives of the younger generation of artists, Marko Tadić, who represented Croatia at the 2017 Venice Biennale, and Igor Grubić, who is engaged in artistic activism, is a performer and creator of multimedia works. His work "Traces of Disappearing (In Three Acts)" currently represents Croatia at the Venice Biennale.

The presentation of the artists will continue with the traditional exhibition at MSU in Zagreb, and next summer Poreč will welcome new world-renowned artists who will spend their holidays in Valamar.