Kugla Glumište
On May 20th 1975, members of the Student satirical acting troupe SSG from Zagreb decided to rename their act Kugla glumište (Acting Sphere). he members of Kugla glumišta included: Zlatko Burić, Dunja Koprolčec, Anica Vlašić-Anić, Zoran Šilović, Heda Gospodnetić, Dragan Pajić Pajo, Dragan Ruljančić and Damir Bartol Indoš. Kugla glumište soon became one of the most recognizable theatrical, multimedia and interdisciplinary art groups from former Yugoslavia and Croa- tia. hey were active from 1975 until 1985 when they split into several fractions, some of which remain active to this day. Kugla glumište created the new concept of theatre. hey imagined it as an urban ritual, a social situation by break- ing down theatre traditionally understood as a “box” in which the audience in advance knows its place. hey es- tablished theatre as Sphere (Kugla); as non-dramatic theatre; as total theatre that overlaps with life itself. In 1985 Kugla glumište split into hard and soft factions; the main representative of the hard line, Damir Bartol Indos, to this day remains faithful to the framework of the original aesthetic.