Porodica iz Šempasa
Family from Šempas was formed in 1971 after a conscious decision on the termination of the group OHO. It marked the termination of OHO member’s work in the art world and the attempt to establish a community that would realize and develop an alternative mode of existence in an agricultural commune. he mentioned mode of exist- ence would be in harmony with nature and the nature of the members of the commune, equalizing life and art in practical terms and on an everyday level. he group was named after the village Šempas in Vipava Valley in Slovenia, in which its members retired. Family from Šempas represented the Yugoslav art at the Venice Biennale, dedicated to the relationship between art and nature, in 1978. he purpose of the project Family from Šempas was to built an archetype cell of a new culture, that Pogačnik today refers to as “geoculture”, whose main feature is the co–creative attitude towards the planet Earth and nature.