THE PRACTICE OF THEORY: Matko Meštrović and design
HDD - Croatian Designers Association
15. September 2020 - 01. October 2020


curators: Marko Golub, Dejan Kršić, Ora Mušćet

Composed of numerous documents, texts, quotations, artefacts, books, magazines, photographs and other materials, the exhibition gives us a basic chronological and thematic overview of all, in the context of design, important chapters in the life and work of Matko Meštrović. These topics include some that are not in direct contact with design practice and the environment. Still, in addition to being inevitable for a complete insight into the work of this author, they help us shed new light on Meštrović's interest in design.

In the HDD Gallery, this time we see a panorama that goes back to his art criticism beginnings, the critique of great monumental projects of the 1960s, engagement and critical role in creating a discourse about New Tendencies, Bit International magazine whose design he edits, the spiritual and worldview of Gorgona. of which he was a member, activities within the Center for Industrial Design where Meštrović from 1965 to 1969 headed the Department of Information and Editing Magazines and Publications, participation in various important international professional congresses and gatherings and establishing global connections and contacts, transfer to Radiotelevizija Zagreb where in the early 70's he oversaw the implementation of the new visual identity of the house but remained there until the late 1980s, participation in numerous professional juries, various initiatives to establish higher education for designers that culminated in 1989 with the launch of the Design Studio in Zagreb. Croatian culture lectures history and theory of design at the Study of Design in Zagreb and work at the Institute of Economics in Zagreb, etc.

The exhibition places particular focus on numerous publications whose author or editor Meštrović is - books, magazines, bulletins - critical theoretical and critical texts, design projects that he supervised or participated in their creation, essential documents, correspondence, reference editions from his archive, but and several of his poetic texts, focusing on the reflection of the man with the world, on the notion of life, death and spirit, on the subject and his environment and on the conceptual apparatus by which this relation is realised.