Završen rekordni 24. Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri
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10. prosinac 2018.


DODIJELJENE NAGRADE SAJMA: Miodragu Čerini nagrada "Dr. Ivo Borovečki", Ješi Denegriju Libar za vajk
Glas Istre
09. prosinac 2018.


Dodijeljene nagrade 24. Sajma knjige u Istri
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09. prosinac 2018.


Pula: Na Sajmu knjige dodijeljene nagrade 'Libar za vajk' i 'Dr. Ivo Borovečki'
09. prosinac 2018.


Ješa Denegri, EXAT 51 on the International and Home Scene [ENGLISH]
04. srpanj 2018.

The work of the group EXAT-51 was accomplished in the early 1950’s (its members issued their Man­ifesto in 1951, and four painters exhibited their work in 1953), but this art circle, or its individual members, also acted in keeping with some principles that had characterised the group’s practice and ideology several years before and some years after these important dates. 

Ješa Denegri, Video Art in Yugoslavia 1969–1984 [ENGLISH]
04. srpanj 2018.

Yugoslavia was one of many European countries that move or less consciously  accepted the need to  get to rise to the challenge of the new  communications technologies and to get to grips with television, in particular, as a key factor in shaping the contemporary 'civilisation of the image'.

Ješa Denegri, Speaking in the First Person Singular: Spotlighting the Artist’s Individuality in The New Art Practice of the Seventies [ENGLISH]
04. srpanj 2018.

There is no need to emphasise the fact that the artist’s sense of his own individuality is one of the major characterisitcs of all art, regardless of the time or place; that this sense is common to all artists; and that all artists tend to give the express it as forcefully as they can. 

Ješa Denegri, François Morellet And the Artistic Events In Zagreb In the Early 1960’s: New Tendencies, Gorgona [ENGLISH]
04. srpanj 2018.

Those were the early 1960’s, a short period of economic prosperity in Yugoslavia and, even more, a time of a great spiritual enthusiasm, when the Zagreb-based Gallery of Contemporary Art staged a series of exhibitions of the international art movement, New Tendencies.

Tribina mladih, Subotica
1969. - 1976.
Matko Meštrović - Piero Dorazio
"Studio G" - izložbe u organizacije grupe Gorgona
1961. - 1963.