Feđa Vukić

Born in 1960 in Zadar, Croatia. In 1984. he graduated from Art History and Archeology Departments at Zadar, Croatia. He finished postgraduate studies in 1987 at the Faculty of Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia. In 1995 he spent a year studying at The Wolfsonian Foundation Miami Beach, U.S.A. In 2000 he received Ph.D at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, his thesis being the Theory of design. From 1987 to 1994 he worked as a professor at the School of Applied Arts and Design, Zagreb, Croatia. In 1990/91 he was a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Zadar, University of Split, Croatia (subjects: Theory of Design and Visual Communications). In 1994 he became a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia (subjects: Theory and History of Design, School of Design).


Since 1990. to present day he has published several hundreds articles on design, modern architecture and visual media in daily newspapers and weekly magazines, as well as original scientific papers in Croatian and international scientific magazines on the same topic. He has published ten books on the topic.


The book A Century of Croatian Design has been translated to English, and has been a concept for the stage of the exhibition in Museum Klovicevi dvori in 1997.


He has edited book Od oblikovanja do dizajna (From Formgiving to Design, 2003, and Zagreb, modernity and the City, 2003.)

Awarded with The Zagreb City Council Award (as editor of Zagreb, Modernity and the City) in 2004.

Has contributed on several Croatian and international symposiums – Viktor Kovacic, Zagreb 1994.; Design education, London 1998., The City as a Brand, Sarajevo 2001., Design and transition, Zagreb 2001., The City as a Brand, seminar, Zadar 2001., A Dialogue Across Cultures, Split, 2002., Design Education, London 2002., Public Diplomacy and Media, Dubrovnik 2003.