Marinko Sudac

Marinko Sudac (1968) collects art works since 1989. After 2004 the avant-garde art created during 1914-1989 period became the exclusive focus of his activity. Sudac’s initial interest in the historical avant-garde of the former Yugoslavia was soon extended to all the avant-garde related cultural phenomena within the region and throughout the world. The result of such a defined collecting strategy today is known as Marinko Sudac Collection which currently contains over 10,000 works of art and related documentation. Marinko Sudac Collection is considered the largest private collection and the most complete collection of the avant-garde art in the region. Sudac has continued with methodical efforts to enhance research of the avant-garde movements in 2006 with introduction of collection’s publishing branch Sudac Editions, specialized in comprehensive monographs devoted to the popularization of the inadequately and incompletely evaluated artists and art movements within the collection’s field of interest. Collection’s latest implement has occurred in 2009 with the introduction of the Virtual Museum of the Avant-garde, , its interactive and globally accessible extension. Virtual museum signified creation of the new and innovative platform for presentation and research of the avant-garde art. Due the growing scope of activities in 2010 Marinko Sudac has decided to develop more efficient structure of the Virtual museum by introduction of the Advisory Board that includes the most prolific theoreticians and art historians of the field Lutz Becker, Jerko Denegri, Zivko Grozdanic, Zelimir Koscevic, Matko Mestrovic, Irina Subotic and Fedja Vukic, and art historian Branko Franceschi became its appointed executive director.