mission statement

The Virtual Museum of Avant-Garde and the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde base their work on the Marinko Sudac Collection, whose founder, throughout many years of incessant work and devotion, made numerous collaborations with leading art institutions, experts and artists, organized exhibitions, international conferences and international projects (Artist on Vacation, 2012 - today).

The Avant-Garde of this region followed, in its entire historical duration, and even acted a a precursor for some innovations in the international art scene. From the first, historical Avant-Gardes to Neo-Avant-Garde and New Artistic Practices, the artists from this region were connected with key individuals and happenings on the international art scene of the 20th century.  The rich correspondence of artists, critics, curators and theoreticians, as well as some complete archives of artist or art events, show the connection and the interdependence of the artists from the former-Yugoslav region, Eastern block and Europe's West.

This network of friendships and influence is one of the backbones of the Marinko Sudac Collection, which is presented to the public through many exhibition projects in Croatia and internationally, and its virtual segment is the Virtual Museum of Avant-Garde. The mission of the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde is to further promote the legacy of Avant-Garde movement, publish monographs of artists, art groups and movements, create new projects and promote Avant-Garde art to the public.

Great focus is put on researching Avant-Garde art, with the goal of creating a dynamic platform to exchange knowledge on the phenomena of Avant-Garde. Avant-Garde art, which was often disregarded, marginalized or unrecognised, is, using various ways of research and presentation, put to revalorization and put in its rightful place - in the very centre of the European art of the 20th century, with all the movements, notable individuals and artistic innovations of the time.