Visit to the motorship Galeb/Seagull during the initial talks on the location of the 2011 presentation of the activist art from the Collection
22. July 2010

Yugoslav navy (JRM) Yacht Galeb, also known as The Peace Ship Galeb (Brod Mira), was used by the late President of the Yugoslav Republic Marshal Tito on his numerous foreign trips and to entertain heads of state, as well as other persons of worldwide renown. The ship attained an iconic status among the peoples of Yugoslavia, as well as among the many diverse nations and members of the Non-Aligned Movement. "Galeb" is Croatian for "seagull" (the Laridae family).


On 22 May 2009, the ship was sold to city of Rijeka for $150.000. The City of Rijeka plans to use the ship as a museum.

On 30 October 2009, the High Mercantile Court of Croatia confirmed the verdict of the Regional Mercantile Court in which the ownership of Galeb was awarded to the City of Rijeka.