10. March 2011

Works from the Marinko Sudac Collection

curated by Nemanja Cvijanovic

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
10.3. - 24.4.2011
Rijeka, Croatia


Volume Collection presents a group of contemporary artists whose artistic concepts are presented/realized in the form of a book - be it the printed book or in the form of the book-object, video, web art, performance, action, photography or conceptual painting. Artistic practices presented in this project communicate from a very particular standpoint. They are critically engaged in respect to the dominant political and economic order of contemporary societies and in respect to global market systems and art theories.

Volume collection ignores the hierarchy and class differences in art. It questions the structure of European and global eastern and western art. It challenges local and global market divisions as well as national and international art scene. In certain ways it surpasses the ideological division of art discourses in contemporary art field.

Volume collection proudly presents: a critic of the national institutional award for the best seller of the year in the form of a conceptual image; words from a refugee dictionary; a multimedia presentation of flying books on contemporary art; a catalogue of Duchamp’s witnesses; an ideological religious book of a contemporary prophet. A video on an imprisoned happiness in book fortress; a novel on meta-linguistic porn publication; a spatial copy of cover design of an Italian publication of postproductions realised through photography; potentially deadly book-bricks; hand-written books on mapping, relations, events and reflections on the world of art and society. The collection also presents a video-documentation of an art protest against book taxes; a book supporting the initiative to change the name of a mountain peak that bears the name of racist scientist.

A book-theory object on important aspects of context and function in art; a manual for postgraduate education in the form of a “Schell kurs“ for criminal occupations; a book about the poor; a transparent book; a manual printed on endless paper. A theatrical piece performed without the audience and transformed into a book-document; photographs of book covers of autobiographies of world’s dictators; a book on segregation in public toilets; a book on a golden monument that divided the Estonian and Russian public; a book called Book; a book on the inability to integrate.

Presented will be one of the fifty hand-made underground books from the seventies; a book with a hundred ideas for impossible art projects; a football match between the definition of the masses and the definition of power; a book of responsible names, a book on lamb and Wittgenstein. As well as un Unfinished book on toilet paper; a live political almanac; performance reading of Don Quixote praising Ontanius and five poems to myself.

Artists and works:
Eva e Franco Mattes aka, Ayreen Anastas, Art Fun Club, Milijana Babić, Marčelo Brajnović, Petar Brajnović, Tomislav Brajnović, Ana Maria Bresciani, Nemanja Cvijanović, Vuk Ćosić, Boris Demur, Zlatan Dumanić, Sandro Đukić, Igor Eškinja, Claire Fontaine, Rene Gabri, Iva Gobić, Igor Grubić, Grupa ABS, Grupa OHO, Group of contributors to The 2007 Almanac of The Political Art, Sasha Huber, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janko Polić Kamov, Joseph Kosuth, Iva Kovač, Elvis Krstulović, Siniša Labrović, Marko Marković, Vlado Martek, Ohad Meromi, Luis Molina-Pantin, Antoni Muntadas, Ciprian Mureşan, Kristina Norman, Tanja Ostojić, Stefano Pasquini, Vedran Perkov, Goran Petercol, Cesare Pietroiusti, Progettozero+, Giuliana Raco, Gastón Ramírez Feltrin, Mladen Stilinović, Ivan Šeremet, ŠKART, Slaven Tolj, Goran Trbuljak, Nikola Uzunovski, Zenit, Gorki Žuvela.

Exhibition Volume Collection has been expanded with works from:

the collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Ksenija Orelj;
the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb,  in collaboration with Zrinka Ivković;
the Collection Marinko Sudac, in collaboration with Branko Franceschi;
the Collezione Giorgio Maffei, Milan.
the collection of the The City Museum of Rijeka

Marinko Sudac Collection borrowed books by Janko Polic Kamov, Boris Demur, and OHO Group ( Ales Kermavner, Marko Pogacnik and Matjaz Hanzek).