ecologEAST - Art and Nature Beyond the Wall
exhibition announcement
01. March 2016

Since the 2014 successful exhibition Vegetation as a political agent, the research work of the curator Marco Scotini at PAV  is focused on the spaces of interaction between artistic and ecological practices. Opened in 2008 from the initiative of the artist Piero Gilardi, the PAV is many things together: a public space in a city in progress, an outdoor exhibition centre, a place of encounter and laboratorial experiences, a centre of research interested in the dialogue between contemporary art, science, nature and ecology.

The group show ecologEAST – Art and Nature Beyond the Wall, highlights as, from this perspective, the universes assimilated to the old categories of ‘west’ and ‘east’ weren’t actually so different. Although with some variations due to the different context, in those years, many East European artists concentrate their artistic practices to the cause of the natural environment in the discouraging scenario of the real Socialism and its utopian idea of dominating nature – an utopia with tragic ecological consequences. 

The artists included in ecologEAST make of their practices a way to denounce the effects of fool environmental politics, trying - through the sophisticated but extremely expressive languages of conceptual art – to awake the ecological consciousness of their fellow citizens. Most of the works have an ephemeral nature, often we’ve actions: the exhibition aims is to reconstruct the traces of those experiences, a wide range of different approaches to nature carried on by a position that is coherently non-anthropocentric.

The exhibition will include the works of:  Peter Bartoš (Slovakia), Imre Bukta (Hungary), Stano Filko (Slovakia), Ana Lupas (Romania), Teresa Murak (Poland), OHO Group (Slovenia), Pécsi Műhely (Hungary), Zorka Ságlová (Czech Republic), Rudolf Sikora (Slovakia), Petr Štembera (Czech Republic), TOK Group (Croatia), Jiří Valoch (Czech Republic).

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