EXHIBITION OPENING | PROJECTIONS: Motika, Brakhage, Srnec Antun Motika and the legacy of experiment
loan of works for a group exhibition
15. February 2019

The exhibition PROJECTIONS builds up on a selection of works by Croatian artist Antun Motika (Pula, 1902 – Zagreb, 1992) while it attempts to contextualise his experimental body of work created from the beginning of the 1940s to the mid-1980s. It brings together various experiments and radical practices by Antun Motika in the context of the avant-garde experiments with light and projections, as an attempt of his delayed revalorisation. The exhibition includes works by Antun Motika in dialogue with his contemporaries from Croatia and the international context as an attempt to establish connecions with the experiments in moving images (Stan Brakhage, Zlatko Hajdler, Aleksandar Srnec).
PROJECTIONS are unfolding as a group exhibition representing a fragmentary panorama of projected images, experimental film, visual music, organic and geometric abstraction.

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