VASILY SLONOV | Artist on Vacation 2018 / Valamar
28. July 2018 - 02. August 2018

VASILY SLONOV | Artist on Vacation 2018 / Valamar

28 July - 2 August

Vasiliy Slonov was born in 1969 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. He works in many media – sculpture, installations, painting, objects etc. Slonov's works is highly satirical, engaged, offering a humorous, yet poignant critique od the Russian society. His works are filled with symbolism and innuendo, explained by the social circumstances. At times finding inspiration in the works of  the early Russian avantgardists, he combines his unique point of view.
Slonov has become globally know after his „Welcome! Sochi 2014“ exhibition was shit down. In a series of posters, Slonov combines winter sports scenes with images portraying a frightening, repressive Russia. He executed also a series of metal kokoshniks (women's headdresses), „Imperial Kokosniks“ with decorations such as chains, circular saw blades, guns, and writing – Gulag, Kremlin, Sberbank... His works range from smaller objects and actions to large installation, never missing to provoke reaction.