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25. September 1897 - 21. July 1985
Ex Yugoslavia

Even before joining the Surrealist movement, Alexander Vučo was actively writing and publishing. In 1923 he worked for the magazines "Putovi / Paths" and "Svedočanstva / Testimonials", in 1926 he published the poem The Roof Window, in 1928 wrote the novel Root of Sight, and in the 1929, the novel If I Remember Once More or Principle.

In 1930 he was one of the founders of the Serbian Surrealist group and co-signed the Manifesto published in the almanac "L'Impossible", which he published and edited together with M. Ristic and D. Matic. Almanac published his script for the surrealist film Crustaceans on the Chest.

That same year, together with Dusan Matic, he created a design for the surreal object Hilarious Marbles later produced in 1990 for Marko Ristic's retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. On that occasion, Vučo donated his art collection to the Museum. In 1930 in collaboration with D. Matic while exploring the concept of collective authorship, the montages Rognissol and Rekom kucujem zid, were also conceived.

Mirrors was another project conceived in 1930, and realized in 2002 for the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Broken mirrors are glued to cardboard in small intervals reflecting newspaper clips between them.

The assemblage Une atmosphere du printemps et de jeunesse is also dated in 1930. It proved that Vučo extended  his literary practice into multi-media expression, characteristic for Surrealism. Similarities with the object made of mirrors is visible in usage of cardboard as a basic material on which he applied other materials: wood, mirror, newspaper clippings, etc.

During the period 1931 – 1932 Vučo worked for the magazine "Surrealism Here and Now", while in the magazine "Politics" he published articles under the pseudonym Askerland. That same year, together with L. Vučo and R. Zivanovic Noe, he organized an exhibition of Surrealism in Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić in Belgrade, and published the poems Nemenikuće - Cyril and Methodius. He published a book of poetry Humor Asleep. A year later, with D. Matic he wrote a children's book  The Adventures of The Five Little Roosters Company, for which he photographed his sons Đorđe and Jovan. In 1935 together with D. Matic he published the poem Marija Rucara.

Between 1936 – 1940 he was editor of  "Naša stvarnost / Our Reality". Together with D. Matic he published the novel Dead of the Night in 1940. During World War II he spent some time in captivity. After the war he worked as director of Yugoslavia's film companies Zvezda film and Avala film. He published the poems Tito's Pioneers and Mastodons, as well as the novel Holiday and many other works.

Aleksandar Vučo  was born in 1897 in Belgrade, where he died in 1985.