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Ex Yugoslavia

Members of Crveni Peristil / Red Peristyle were: Pavao Dulčić, Toma Čaleta, Vladimir Dodig – Trokut (Triangle), Slaven Sumić, Nenad Đapić, Radovan Kogej, Srđan Blažević, Denis Dokić
From1966 onwards, the future group's members occasionally gathered and developed common views. They declared themselves members of the group in 1968 after performing their first action on Peristil (Peristyle). In 1968, the members of the group performed actions conceived by an individual member with the participation of other members, and without assistence from any institution and without any documentation. In 1969 the group organized a protest at the Short Film Festival, with the participation of a large number of University and high school  students; on that occasion calling themselves Group 30.