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Ex Yugoslavia

Salomon Monny de Bully, poet and publisher, was one of the members of the Serbian Surrealist movement and a descendant of one of Belgrade's wealthiest families. At a very early age he traveled throughout Europe. In Berlin, he was introduced to German avant-garde literature, and in 1923 after the publication of his poems in magazines, "Hypnos" and "Venturaementes", he published almanac "Black on White" in which he gathered representatives of the Serbian avant-garde (D. Matic, B. Tokin, D. Aleksic, R. Drainac  and others). That same year de Boully published the poem Ixion. Dušan Matić introduced him to French surrealism, and in 1925 Monny de Boully, during his stay in Paris personally met Breton, Eluard, and other members of the Surrealist group to whom he presented Belgrade's Almanac "Black on White".

At the same time de Boully published a translation of the pictorial novel the Vampire and his surrealistic text in the magazine La Révolution Surréaliste, which along with Ristić's Primer / Example was one of the first Serbian texts to utilize automatic writing. Together with Dusan Matic, Artaud, Ernst, Aragon, Breton and others, de Bully signed the Declaration of the French Surrealists, "La révolution dabord et toujours". The Declaration was an expression of Aragon's and Breton's stance that "real art is closely connected to revolutionary social activity. It, like the latter, tends to the destruction of capitalist society.". A year later, inspired by the revolutionary spirit of surrealism, which he was trying to transfer to Belgrade, together with Ratko Ristic, de Boully published the magazine "Eternity" ( total of five issues), in which he presented short texts and fables which exemplified the Surrealist train of conciousness. De Boully also published a book Winged Gold, and together with R. Drainac Two Adventurous Poems and Landing on Java.

In 1927 his last book in the Serbian language entitled Antenna of Death, and a collection of poetry, Leviatan, written in collaboration with R. Ratkovic, were published. In 1928 de Boully went to Paris to pursue postgraduate study of Law. De Boully launched the magazine "Discontinuite" in Paris in 1929, but succeeded in publishing only one issue. He was a member of the Paris group Le Grand Jeu (Great Game). He published his poetry in the magazine "Le Grand Jeu", "Variétés", "Cahiers de la Étoile”. He died in 1968 in Paris in a taxi. In the same year in Belgrade his book of poems and memories Golden Beetles was published. In Paris in 1991 the books Monny de Boully, Au-delà de la memoire, Poèmes, textes, critique correspondance, were published posthumously.

Monny de Boully was born in Belgrade 1904 and died in Paris in 1968.