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1964 - 1974
Ex Yugoslavia

Verbumprogram is an art group with Ratomir Kulić and Vladimir Mattioni as members. They claim to be "more than an individual and less than a group", positioned "before history and after art." It is difficult to categorise the work of Verbumprogram, but it is placed in the context of new art practice, concept art, dematerialisation of artwork, and new geometry.

As an artist duo Verbumprogram,  Kulić, and Mattioni have been active since 1974. The fields of artistic activity are expanded media, graphics, sculpture, visual arts theory. Ratomir Kulić lives in Novi Sad, and Vladimir Mattioni lives in Zagreb.
Ratomir Kulic was born in 1948 in Ruma, Serbia. He graduated from the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. He has been interested in poetry and language since the 1960s, and in the late 1960s, examined the processes of mental perception.
Vladimir Mattioni was born in 1943 in Ruma, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. During the 1960s, he became interested in the areas of stage design and design, and in the late 1960s, switched to the medium of film.

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