Artist on Vacation 2017 / Valamar project
02. July 2017 - 10. August 2017


Ken Friedman (USA / Sweden), Miroslav Pavlović (Serbia), Zoran Todorović (Serbia), Nikola Džafo (Serbia), Tanja Ostojić (Serbia / Germany), Koji Kamoji (Japan / Poland), Józef Robakowski (Poland), Jusuf Hadžifejzović (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Boris Buden (Croatia) participated in this years edition of the „Artist on Vacation“, in its sixth consecutive year.

Over 60 artists have spent a part of their summer holiday in Poreč, thus leaving an important trace in the cultural and tourist offering of Istria.

Ken Friedman (USA / Sweden) is a renowned Fluxus member, and an author and editor of some of the most known publication on the movement. Miroslav Pavlović (Serbia) makes visual concrete objects – sculptures, installations, in which he explorer the basic elements of visual language, experimenting with his constructive materials. Zoran Todorović (Serbia) in his works challanges the set boundaries of participation, ethical and aesthetical standards, and he participated in the 53rd Venice Biennale. Nikola Džafo (Serbia) works in performance, actions, objects, installations, paintings, artistic interventions and publicaly speak on matters in culture. Tanja Ostojić (Serbia / Germany) is a performance artist, in her artistic work, she questions social cnfiguration, feminist issues, economy and biopolitics. Koji Kamoji (Japan / Poland) is a painter, he makes installations and objects, does actions, and uses his work as a tool for intellectual questioning – for him, it holds a spiritual dimension. Józef Robakowski (Poland) is one of the most important experimental film autors, he makeas photography seies, installations, drawings, objects, conceptual projects, and also teaches and publishes text on the theory of art. Jusuf Hadžifejzović (Bosnia and Hercegovina) is one of the founders of the „Yugoslav Documenta“ project, and the Sarajevo Biennial of Modern Art. Hadžifejzović does performance, makes installations and „depographies“, also works in analytical painting. Boris Buden (Croatia) is a philospher, cultural theorist, a publicist and translator. In his writing, he deals with questions of philosophy, politics, art critique and critique of culture.

The exclusive exhibition, organized again in collaboration with the Poreč Open University in the Zuccato Gallery, showed a series of works titled „Paintings“ of Radomir Damnjanović Damnjan in which he questions painting as a medium. After that exhibition, another opened, that of the artist Živko Grozdanić Gera – „Allegories“. Grozdanić's artist works is provocative. Installations such as „Meteor Rain“ or „Made in China“ are, according to the theoris Miško Šuvaković, „the tell-tale and figurative constructs of the political narrative on the intensity of the public and the secret, the metaphysical and the fetishist, religious politics in the society in transition.“

With the artist, in Poreč were also Ješa Denegri, a renowed art historian and professor, as well as Sarah Wilson, a professor at the Courtould Institute of Art in London and Zsuzsanna Feher from the Ludwig Museum in Budapest. Also, Rastko Močnik was there, a Slovenian sociologist, therorist, translator.