Bosch + Bosch. Hungarian Art Movement in Vojvodina
Hungarian Cultural Institute, Brussels, Belgium
19. November 2020 - 26. February 2021


curator: Dorotea Fotivec Očić

The Hungarian Cultural Institute Brussels presents to its public the artistic aspirations of the Hungarian neo-avant-garde of the sixties and seventies through the works of the Vojvodina based Bosch + Bosch group.

The exhibition will be followed by a number of discussions, performances, a series of lectures and screenings related to the topic.
The Subotica-based Bosch+Bosch Group (1969–1976) was one of the artist collectives that started emerging among the young generations, across Europe and other parts of the world in the ‘60s, mostly within the music scene, but also in other fields, such as the broad domain of visual arts.

The Bosch+Bosch Group entered the scene with the claim of re-evaluation, envisioning a new type of social role for art, and was established outside the larger cultural and artistic centres, around the outskirts of the country, where the impact of Hungarian activism between the two world wars could be detected (Lajos Kassák, Sándor Barta). Most members of the Group were of Hungarian origin (Attila Csernik, Katalin Ladik, László Kerekes, László Szalma and Bálint Szombathy).

A selection of the Group's work, which provides an exciting insight into the neo-avant-garde aspirations of the 1960s, will be presented in Brussels as a joint project of the Hungarian Cultural Institute Brussels and the Ludwig Museum with the collaboration of the Marinko Sudac Collection.