CITY VISIONS - City Iconography II (1950 - 2000+)
Modern Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
17. December 2019 - 23. February 2020


curator: Željko Marciuš

With more than 500 works, mostly from the holdings of the Modern Gallery, Zagreb, the exhibition also features works from other Croatian museums and related institutions as well as from private collections. These are paintings, drawings, comics, posters, prints, caricatures, objects, installations, art photography, video art, feature films, and animated films. With the concept encompassing fifteen thematic and formative units, the exhibition raises awareness among the audience of the city's motive in the visual arts and communications, but also point to its importance as a symbol, a poetic generator, a sociological and cultural-historical determinant, the space and place within which artists themselves live and act. In this exhibition, the city is thought of as a metropolis and / or a town with elements of a metropolis in which the idea of modernity and modernity from Zagreb to New York has historically been felt…; that is, any city in the country or world interpreted by our artists.

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