FAREWELL TO SPRING | 1968 in the Eastern Block
Galeria Centralis, Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives, Budapest, Hungary
21. June 2018 - 16. September 2018


curators: Katalin Székely and József Mélyi

assistant curator: Péter Szörényi

The year 1968 started with great hopes in some Central- and Eastern European countries: for a brief moment it seemed that strict ideology was replaced by political pragmatism. Elements of consumer culture, and even the private sector, appeared; cultural censorship was loosened – or even lifted. The whirlwind of the Western protest movements also reached the region, while counter culture also left its mark on Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Hungary. And similarly to the Western youth, young people from behind the Iron Curtain also wanted to correct the mistakes of the previous generation, and found their own voice and ways to express themselves. The exhibition “Farewell to Spring” presents this thriving and hopeful period of student protests, happenings and other events of youth- and counter culture, which ended with the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Artists: Jerzy Bereś: Tomislav Gotovac, Tadeusz Kantor, Milan Knížák, Július Koller, Tamás Szentjóby, et al. 

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