Good Choice! Examples of Commercial Communication from the 50s and 60s
Fuliranje, Zagreb, Croatia
30. November 2013 - 01. January 2014

curator: Feđa Vukić

The exhibition „Good Choice“ presents around seventy pieces of commercial communication, all created in the 50s and 60s having local Croatian context which was at that time part of the wider federal community. The specifics of these exhibits are that they were created by distinguished painters-graphic artists with academic backgrounds, such as Savo Simončić, Franjo Fleck, Vladimir Fleck, Aleksandar Srnec, and Milan Vulpe. In addition, these works were created for the purpose of commercial communication within recent context formed under the idea of a planned economy. As there was no significant market competition and therefore no need for strong distinction through symbolic values, all large production companies primarily accomplished ideological tasks. Consequently, the artists engaged with „advertising graphics“ had considerable freedom of expression, exploration and application of innovative communicative ideas and concepts.

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