Gutljaj jedan, ali vrijedan. Segestica Sisak 1917.-2017.
Sisak City Museum, Sisak, Croatia
15. September 2017 - 25. October 2017


curator: Vladimir Čakširan

The exhibition is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the Segestica Sisak factory. It will present the development of the factory through design and visual communication of its products.

In the 100 years history of the factory, a number of renowned illustrators, designers and artists worked with the factor, but unfortunately, their products are not in any summary of the development of Croatian design. Those artists include Otto Antonini, Andrija Maurović, Aleksandar Srnec, Alfred Pal, Zvonimir Beker... Two of the factory's products won design Oscars in 1962 and 1971. The task of the exhibition is not just to show the rich design legacy of the factory, but also to encourage the preservation of this type of heritage of other factories in the city of Sisak. It speaks on the creativity, artistic expression, innovation and other segments of Sisak's industry which have been lost today, and it shows potential of the city in the future development.

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