Ivan Kožarić
Novi Spa & Resorts, Novi Vinodolski, Croatia
29. July 2012


Ivan Kožarić (Petrinja, 1921) studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb from 1943  to 1947, and in 1949, graduated from the master class of the sculptor, Antun Augustincic. Kožarić began exhibiting in 1953 and held his first one man show in 1955.

From the beginning of his career, Kožarić showed a tendency toward sudden change in the formal language of his artistic practice. His work won numerous awards. In 1977 he was awarded the 'Vladimir Nazor" life achievement award. That same year he became a regular member of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art. Ivan Kožarić lives in Zagreb.

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