Love Towards Subversion
Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, Croatia
12. April 2014 - 03. May 2014


curator: Branko Franceschi

The Love Towards Subversion exhibition, spanning over the period of eighty years, specifically from 1932 to 2012, presents artists and artist groups whose art was marked by social activism with the goal of encouraging change in the areas of institutional culture and socio-political surroundings. The exhibition showcases artists that have understood their social position and artistic practice as a platform to promote programmes and strategies whose goal was to undermine the then level and form of the governing authority, including the position of political power, civil morality, and hierarchical structure inside which the artistic creation happened.

The exhibition presents the continuity of activist artistic practices in the region, and it is based on the works from the Marinko Sudac Collection. The topic of this exhibition has been present with photo and video documentation of performances, an audio installation, experimental and author films.

The exhibition present the works of: OHO Group, Crveni Peristil,Bosch + Bosch,Group of Six Authors, Željko Kipke, Josip Seissel (Traveleri),Gorgona, Marjan Molnar, Balint Szombathy, Tomislav Gotovac, Šempas Family,Bogdanka Poznanović, Attila Csernik, Vladimir Petek, Ante Verzotti, Ivan Martinac,Miroslav Mikuljan, Slobodan Šijan, Petar Trinajstić, Marko i Marika Pogačnik, Naško Križnar, Marjan Ciglič, Ljubomir Šimunić, Era Milivojević, Marina Abramović.

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