Marginal Specificities – Regional Avant-Garde Art 1915 – 1989
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia
09. March 2007 - 15. April 2007

curator: Ješa Denegri

The third edition of "Marginal Specifities" comprises over 400 artworks, old editions, magazine, photographs, and documents which illustrate the rich history of Avant-Garde ideas and artistic practices in the region from 1914 to 1989.

"Starting from the theoretical basis which are in use in the visual arts fields and the history of literature, you can construct a complex of phenomena which, by far going over any singular cohesive notion, include within themselves a whole spectre of questions which, in retrospect, lasting since forever, are shaped in a collection of interconnected spiritual and in idea related art stances that were marginal, on the edges, borders, margins, moved away and in opposition to the central paradigms of the governing early, moderate,  high, and declining modernity in the same time period and in the same culture. In relation to that central corpora of stylistic formation of Modernism there "marginal specificities", by its linguist and operative radicalism, as well as their whole world-view, are shown to be an alternative to the dominant matrix and the matrices  in the art of the 20th c. in the region in which it was created, aligning itself in many aspects with the collection of notions used to mark those whom, by one possible interpretation could be called by the coined tern the 'Other line'. "

Ješa Denegri

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