Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
04. September 2010


Initiative and coordination: Marinko Sudac

Production: The Marinko Sudac Collection

Curators: Branko Franceschi, Tihomir Milovac

On September 4, 2010 in Zagreb, forty years after the end of its activity, the famous Slovenian art group OHO reunites thanks to the collaboration of The Marinko Sudac Collection and The Institute for the Research of the Avant-garde with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The reunion will be a one-day retrospective of approximately 300 works of art that will present all diverse and visionary OHO activities to the present day public. The OHO Group was active in the 1965 – 1970 period, during which this enthusiastic group of young like-minded poets, visual artists and filmmakers dissatisfied with life, civilization, and art of the day, above all those of their socialist society, evolved into the most important artistic movement of the time. The OHO numerous members were involved in all aspects of contemporary artistic practices: conceptual art, performance, happening, concrete and visual poetry, mail art, arte povera, experimental film and others, published the OHO books, collaborated in numerous magazines such as Perspektive, Tribuna, Problemi, and substantially contributed to the profile and significance of the Znamenja Editions. By promoting interdisciplinary and multimedia art practice the OHO members pointed to the importance of the holistic approach to reality for the purpose of its radical change. Their artistic practice and procedures were developed spontaneously, autonomously, and simultaneously with the trends on the international art scene, making OHO an active participant in the formation of the language of contemporary art. The peak of the OHO artistic success was the 1970 exhibition at MoMA, at which point the OHO members realized that without their will they have become a part of the cultural establishment and consciously decided to terminate own artistic activities. Originally the core OHO were Mark Pogacnik, Iztok Geister Plamen, and Marjan Ciglic. Thanks to its open program, this core group was quickly joined by other active members: Milenko Matanovic, Andraz Salamun, Tomaz Salamun, David Nez, Matjaz Hanzek, Nasko Kriznar, Vojin Kovac Chubby, Ales Kermavner, Franci Zagoričnik, Marika Pogačnik, Zvona Ciglič, Srečo and Nusa Dragan and collaborators Ivo Volaric -Feo, Slavoj Zizek, Braco Rotar, Bojan Brecelj, Drago Dellabernardina, Dimitrij Rupel, Rudi Seligo and others.

The project of the OHO reunion in Zagreb was supported by all former members, some of whom will meet for the first time since the end of the group’s activity. The anthology works will be reconstructed, performances reenacted, previously never exhibited works presented and the new works by the still artistically active group members installed. A subsequent discussion of the OHO with participation of the new generation of local artists and art historians is organized and will close the day.

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