The Analogical Mirrors
Yamanaka Suplex, Otsu-city, Shiga, Japan
06. November 2020 - 06. December 2020


curator: Takuya Tsutsumi

As socialism or communism has once challenged capitalism in history, the virus COVID-19 seems to do the same thing physically to the neo-liberalism from the side of nature, not culture. With that context of the pandemic we are facing now, the exhibition titled The Analogical Mirrors focuses on the beginning of globalization since 1492, when western Europe started to colonize the rest of world and
diffuse their single modernity, juxtaposing the peripheral artists’ expressions relativizing such ideologies and westernized value itself. This exhibition, furthermore, sets an audience ina car as a way of infection control, the visitor can therefore be allowed to experience the show via only their cars, which is also aiming at giving an opportunity to us to rethink about what seeing is in the modernity.

Kenichi Ishiguro, Taro Komiya, Daiki Honda, Kai Maetani, Naosuke Wada, Anna Miyaki, Kai
Sakamoto, Shun Kimura, Yugo Konishi, Shu Ogasawara, Ryo Wakabayashi, Yu Cheng-Ta, András
Cséfalvay, Patrycja Plich, Jarosław Kozłowski

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