Željko Kipke: Graphics '77
Grafički Kolektiv Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
28. September 2014 - 11. October 2014


curator: Ješa Denegri

Connected by the analytical concept and primary problematics of the medium of graphics, these 30 works from eight series of works were created in 1977, Today, almost four decades since their creation, they have never been exhibited in full, these series are not only seen as part of some relatively far artistic history, but also as a still very fresh and permanently valid characteristic of language and medium of graphic art.

Kipke on the characteristics of these prints: "The procedures with graphic paper, metal or stone bases and graphic paints are very close to primary painting procedures, but the result is only in the domain of  graphic experience, more or less removed from the illusionist effect."

Željko Kipke (Zagreb) is a artist working in multiple media - visual arts, film, art and film critique, literature. In the 70s he started doing primary and analytical painting, and since 1982 he bring expressive features into his works. In the first half of the 80s he made short film in the S8 format, which he used to document his action in public spaces. He writes essays and critiques on experimental film and art practices in daily newspapers and magazine, as well as record short film. He has nine book published.

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