Gorgona's influence on Vlado Martek

The Group of Six Artists was “invisibly influenced by the Gorgon Group1”. The Gorgon was discovered in 1977 with the exhibition curated by Nena Baljković. Nevertheless, Dimitrije Bašičević- Mangelos and Radoslav Putar, members of the Gorgon group, worked in the Gallery of Contemporary Art. They supported the work of the Group of Six Artists, encouraging them to work in the streets. According to Vlado Martek, , “they have, in a way, transmitted their nihilistic and existentialistic energy to us.”. Communication with Kožarić and Knifer at the exhibitions influenced the Group of Six. Knifer, with his meander in which “all the tradition of historical avantgarde is kept”, was close to Martek, since Knifer, same as Vaništa, “has touched upon the philosophy of existentialism.”

1Artistic group from Zagreb (1959-1966). Members were artists M. Jevšovar, J. Knifer, Đ. Seder, J. Vaništa, I Kožarić, theoreticians D. Bašičević, R. Putar, M. Meštrovića.