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1955 - 2012
Ex Yugoslavia

Ante Vukov was born in 1955 in Subotica (Vojvodina, Serbia), where he passed away in 2012.
He was a writer, poet and visual artist.

After finishing high school in his hometown, he continued his studies at the Department of Indology of the University of Ljubljana. He joined the Bosch+Bosch Group in 1975 upon the invitation of Matković. In the ‘80s he was a member of the alternative theatre troupe Kugla glumište from Zagreb.

He had three volumes of poetry published: Zlato istočnog sutona (Subotica, 1986), Ruža vjetrova (Subotica, 1990), Vrati vrijeme: cjelovita pjesmarica (Subotica, 2005), and a novel Kuća porculanske lutke – A porczellánbaba háza (Subotica, 2003). In the contemporary Croatian literature scene of Vojvodina, Vukov is regarded as the poet with the most authentic literary opus.

From his relatively brief period at the Bosch+Bosch Group, he is known for several public space actions.
He primarily worked in traditional written and also text-based conceptual poetry, but occasionally found action art as the vessel for his philosophical quests. His experimental comics can be traced back to the narrative thread of his experiences with the ordinary folk of Subotica. In 1975, he began a diary: every day, he drew a line on a sheet of paper.