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Zdizsław Sosnowski (1947): multimedia artist, theoretician and cultural animator, is known for his experimental ilms, photographs, performances and workings with sound. During the 70’s, when his work verged on the borderline of theo- retical art and post–conceptual, he was considered one of the most active igures of the Polish neo–avant–garde movement. he artworks from the period arise from his exploration of ilm and photography, and his interest in the semiotics of an image. He was one of the irst artists using the language of popular culture, deliberately developing his own mythic and media perception of self. he series Goalkeeper, the best–known example from this period, is considered one of the most relevant documents of the Polish post–conceptual art. Taking upon himself the role of a sporting star and idol, Sosnowski uses the visuals from the iconic sphere of pop culture. Even the igure of the goalie Nipper from the eponymous cartoon. By that method, Sosnowski, deliberately rejects the analytical and directs his interest toward the social and cultural problems. he importance of his procedure is particularly pertinent to the context of the poor economy of Poland at that time. Being a sporting star meant enjoying the social and economical privileges, out of reach to the rest of population.