New publications on the Bauhaus school featuring the activity of Ivana Tomljenović-Meller
publications include material from the Marinko Sudac Collection
26. March 2019

The year of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus School (founded in 1919) brought numerous exhibitions, projects and publications about its students. Research was conducted to review the artists and school attendants who have,until now, been somewhat neglected. A segment of the research was focused on female students of Bauhaus, including Ivan Tomljenovic-Meller. Recently, two books have been published (by Patrick Rössler and Rössler and Elizabeth Otto), featuring Ivana Tomljenovic-Meller and with material from the Marinko Sudac Collection

Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective
Elizabeth Otto and Patrick Rössler
Palazzo Edition

Essential reading on the Bauhaus or for anyone interested in the too-often missed centrality of women artists to modern art and design, Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective reclaims the other half of Bauhaus history, yielding a new understanding of the radical experiments in art and life undertaken at the Bauhaus and the innovations that continue to resonate with viewers around the world today. 

Bauhaus girls
Patrick Rössler

The book Bauhaus Girls by Patrick Rössler, published by TASCHEN Verlag, presents pioneers of modernism such as Marianne Brandt, Gertrud Arndt and Lucia Moholy. Previously unpublished portraits and newly discovered archive material as well as biographical information provide insights into the lives of women and make this book a long overdue tribute to the often completely underestimated members of the Bauhaus.

The photos featured are from the webpages of the publishers.

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