HRT Jedno djelo - "Antun Motika - Experiments"
Croatian Radiotelevision
16. January 2020

Painter, sculptor and multimedia artist Antun Motika began to experiment in the swing of World War II. He produces decalcomania and frottages, made interventions on X-ray and photographic film, experiments on paper and glass with organic and inorganic substances. He created works with Indian ink, oil and paint, burning and engraving ... Each one has a common denominator - game. For Motika, it is the link between art and life ...

The episode contains segments of several works from the Marinko Sudac Collection.

The episode is available on the HRTi streaming service.


Each episode brings a new story of an artworks from all fields of art: performance, installation, painting, sculpture, architecture... In the eight minutes of the show, each episode explains the specific artistic intention and it significance for today. The chosen works were created quite recently, or are considered to be "contemporary classics". They are explored by the artists themselves or explained by art critics.

authors and editors: Ana Marija Habjan and Evelina Turković

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