Tune in Screening: Psychedelic Moving Images from Socialist Yugoslavia 1966. – 1976.
Land of Tomorrow, Lexington, USA
28. October 2011 - 18. November 2011

curator: Branko Franceshi

The Tune in Screening program focuses on film production and popular music created in Yugoslavia from the mid 60s and 70s. It presents a variety of materials, predominantly a 75-minute loop of experimental film that exemplifies the openness and permissiveness of Yugoslavia’s brand of socialism when incorporating culture from the capitalist West. It also demonstrates how imports from the West had a profound effect on the local society, arts and, especially, the public visibility of this psychedelic lifestyle and popular culture. Tune in Screening features a selection of Yugoslavia’s pop and rock music classics to accompany the presentation of some of the period’s most significant artworks. These artworks, unlike the official state-sanctioned modernism on one side of the era’s aesthetic divide or its underground conceptual and neo-avant-garde counterpart, were boldly present in the everyday life of all citizens.

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