Bogdanka and Dejan Poznanović: Art, Media and Activism at the End of Modernity

The present book concerns not only the two of them – Bogdanka and Dejan Poznanović – but also a creativity realised through the fellowship, cooperation, complicity, and activist work of „a couple“ of people in a changing world, a world that keeps emerging and re-emerging as a new world of human creativity and experience.

Their co-operation and complicity belong to a time that projected two utopian idealities: that everything changes and that those changes, in their experiential literality and metaphysical potentiality, are open to emancipation: to a new and better world, that is, to a more open and feer world.

To speak of Bogdanka and Dejan Poznanović today means to reconstruct striving for and the potentiality of emancipation and liberation in life, culture and art through a fellowship and co-operation in which two individualities strobe by means of subjectification for new and potential recognitions of differences and indulgences in attractions. 

Miško Šuvaković